Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Some Clothes Inspire Us To #MAKEOURMARK

This post may be the antithesis of shopping smart. It was prompted by this question from my husband: "You purchased another pair of jeans?" said in just a way that makes you kind of wince in an offended manner. He just politely walked away nodding his head after handing me a wooden pants hanger.
"They are Jimi Taverniti's!" is what I called out. This meant nothing to him which admittedly offended me more. Nonetheless, it is moments like this that make you take stock. As of today I own about a dozen pair of very well worn jeans. I cannot help it. They are an obsession of mine. I love nothing more in my closet than jeans. I dress them up, down and all around. I wear them out completely with holes, rips and stains so when it comes to me and jeans I definitely get my money's worth. Perhaps this is pretty smart shopping. Jeans and I are very American and I think this ad below is really the brand that started it all for me. Actually for everyone really. (More info on great labels start here) Levi Strauss is an icon and before my Seven for All Mankind, Hudson, a pair of Joe's I gifted to my cousin, and the Armani's I occasionally borrow from the aforementioned husband's side, Levi's were there. This ad brought it all back. I wore Levi's first and can attest that they got better with each time I wore them unwashed. That's a true classic and I have cemented them as my top clothing piece. As a blogger I share my shopping savvy so that you can make the most of your hard earned dollars and still get quality items. Now
Levi's is challenging all of us to #MakeOurMark. 

Check out for details.