Thursday, November 10, 2011

The Classic Jean Shirt Makes a Comeback

It is my personal opinion that is is far easier to shop for men than it is women. Sue me. I don’t care. There bodies are totally utilitarian and so the shapes cut for them have a tendency to fit a bit more easily than say styles on various curves. It is even more helpful to shop for men when oldies but goodies make a comeback like they have here. Jeans are an absolute essential piece for every person’s wardrobe and I love them.

This Fall, the jean shirt has been seen peeking out all over town like this one I saw while having lunch today. Very stylishly paired with this sharp little cardigan makes for a smart outfit. I new immediately the classic cut & stylish rolled cuffs. I would know it anywhere. It is J. Crew and they are part of my essentials for daily wear and this retro piece proves why.

The jean shirt has been a recurring them in the world of fashion since denim became a staple during the Gold Rush. They have come a long way and are impeccably stylish for men this season. The shirt wearer was not shy and even his girlfriend recanted his love for good clothes. This shirt takes some true confidence to wear and it’s versatile style will have you wearing it with everything.

Warning to every man & woman out there: Do not pair jean shirts with jeans. It’s way too much denim so definitely think less is more.

Update April 2014
Since having written this article a few years back, denim on denim is a trend now. A very big one actually and though we have seen it many times before rock in and out of style, I love it. I could never have enough denim so from top to bottom it is on with denim. Thank you Levi Strauss & Co!

Happy Shopping!